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I was implementing a program to remove the duplicates from the 2 character array. I implemented these 2 solutions, Solution 1 worked fine, but Solution 2 given me UnSupportedoperationException. I am wonderring why i sthat so?

The two solutions are given below;

public void getDiffernce(Character[] inp1, Character[] inp2){

// Solution 1:

    // **********************************************************************************

    List<Character> list1 = new ArrayList<Character>(Arrays.asList(inp1));
    List<Character> list2 = new ArrayList<Character>(Arrays.asList(inp2));


// Solution 2:

    Character a[] = {'f', 'x', 'l', 'b', 'y'};
    Character b[] = {'x', 'b','d'};

    List<Character> al1 = new ArrayList<Character>(); 
    List<Character> al2 = new ArrayList<Character>(); 
    al1 = (Arrays.asList(a)); System.out.println(al1);
    al2 = (Arrays.asList(b)); System.out.println(al2);  
    al1.removeAll(al2);         // retainAll(al2);      

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The API doc for Arrays.asList() states:

Returns a fixed-size list backed by the specified array.

fixed-size = you can't remove or add anything.

Solution 1 works because it copies the content of the fixed-size list into a regular (variable-size) ArrayList.

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al1.addAll((Arrays.asList(a))); al2.addAll((Arrays.asList(b))); The addAll() worked for me –  JNL Jun 27 '13 at 20:30
@JNL: because you initialize al1 and al2 with variable-size ArrayList instances, but in your "Solution 2" you then replace those with fixed-size lists (in lines 5 and 6). –  Michael Borgwardt Jun 27 '13 at 22:26

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