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I am an WordPress Plugin Developer. I am not sure how to follow the coding standard while creating a plugin of wordpress. I check with some of the plugins like woocommerce and All in one SEO Plugin in that they are maintaining the proper coding standard. Basically I am Using the NetBeans IDE. Is it possible to make the proper space and coding standards in that IDE. I am Wondering to View his code is very neat and clean. How can i do this or how they are maintaining this. Anyone suggest me to make the wordpress plugin with well coding standards.

Thanks, vicky

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Wordpress list their core coding standards in their handbook. You should also read Writing a Plugin in the Wordpress Codex. But generally as long as your plugin is internally consistent then you shouldn't have a problem.

As a personal plea - I'd appreciate it if WP plugin developers spent more time on making sure they don't open up security holes and follow the best practices for plugin development. I've lost count of the number of plugins (including very popular ones) that I've had to reject when my clients have requested them because of SQL injection flaws and the like.

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