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In my company, we have a common solution the contains common projects (2 projects so far, one for .net 3.5 and one for .net 4.5).
My main problem is that during time, a lot of code is added, for example hosting a process as windows service is a class called ServiceManagement, But no one but the developer knows it, and if someone wants to use this shared class, he does not know it exist.

So i am looking for a way to document and manage all the classes with tags, a 3rd party util/web util, that i can search for tags and maybe find common classes that i can use (if we keep all our code well-documented).

Does anyone familiar with sort of tools ?

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Interesting idea (+1). Have you examples where tagging adds more informations as namespace and classname already expose? – k3b Jul 12 '13 at 7:51
hi sorry for afk, my solution is to use and tell all the developers in our company to comment any project as their job depend on it :) – ilansch Jul 14 '13 at 20:08

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Nuget might be your friend!

Just setup a Nuget repository for your internal packages with Nuget.Server and you'll be able to publish your different functionnalities independantly. When a developper will need something, he will just search in the Nuget gallery pointing to your Nuget server and see every available packages.

Every package comes with a description section that will help you to describe what the package is all about and tells people whether they should use it or not.

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