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PHP has announced yesterday that PHP 5.3 was reaching End of Life. http://php.net/archive/2013.php#id2013-07-11-1

On the other hand, the Zend certification is still concerning 5.3. http://www.zend.com/services/certification/php-5-certification/

--> Is it still worth passing a certification on the 5.3 version?

--> Do you know if there will be an update soon of the certification to be a "5.4 cert"?

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I don't think PHP 5.3 is going anywhere soon. Most shared servers do not have anything more recent than 5.3 and many of these have only updated to 5.3 in recent times! –  w3d Jul 12 '13 at 10:21
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Here is the answer from Zend (nothing official or commited though):

you: Hello

Support: Hi

you: I saw that PHP 5.3 has been announced reaching its end of life
you: http://php.net/archive/2013.php#id2013-07-11-1
you: do you plan to move to PHP 5.4 certification?

Support: There is no plan as of now... But it is a high probability that we might directly move to 5.5 certification

you: ah ok!
you: but what is 5.5 maturity?

Support: Well its still at a very young stage... Maybe 2-3 month from now it would be ready for business critical deployments...

you: ok so 5.5 cert is not for tomorrow...
you: maybe next year ? ;-)

Support: No... IT will take some time
Support: yes exactly...
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