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It maybe a shared SSH private key, it maybe be a online password to some web site.

In term of security & convenient, and support fine grained permission settings, e.g. developers role, testers role, devops role. Any suggestion for this task?

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Document who knows what, and change as soon as one of those in-the-know leaves. However, your question is worded as a poll, which doesn't make it fit for StackExchange. Please edit to elicit objective answers instead of opinions. –  Deer Hunter Jul 18 '13 at 4:57
If it’s one password, you aren’t going to get fine-grained permissions. For SSH… don’t share it! If at all possible, authorize lots of private keys, and it’s even better if they’re for different users, possibly in the same group or something. –  minitech Jul 18 '13 at 15:12
Unfortunately, the question is now being closed without deep understanding. My question is how to share "team" password securely, not essentially the same as how to store my "own" password. Don't take my word for it, justify yourself :) –  Yoga Jul 19 '13 at 2:10
This is not a duplicate of "How do you keep track of all your passwords" This question asks about sharing passwords on a team. The answer may be the same as the other question, but not necessarily. I want to hear about sharing passwords, not an individual keeping track of only their passwords. –  Jason Feb 28 '14 at 19:22

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While you may run into some limitation LastPass sounds like it may fit the bill of what you are looking for. It uses a Trust No One infrastructure so data is securely locked. You can set up groups, share along users, save password, notes, files (ie keys).


There has been a new comer recently that works much the same way as LastPass called Dashlane, but I have no experience with it and have not read the white papers for it though they are available.

Alternatively you could role your own with something like Sparkleshare, Bittorrent Sync, or rsync and store application called Keepass which uses Truecrypt to encrypt it.

I would provide links to more info but I'm still under the 10 rep minimum so I can only provide the one.

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This seems to be a duplicate of http://serverfault.com/questions/147663/how-does-a-team-of-systems-administrators-share-passwords-securely/147669#147669.

In summary, avoid them if at all possible. If no manage them, carefully. You really should change all of them every time someone leaves the team. Still want to share?

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