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I choose codeigniter to be my first framework to work with.

Now I'm looking for open source applications built based on this framework to be my references for good coding practices and standards.

From my previous experiences in application development, it was hard for me to maintain, upgrade, or modify existing applications due to my bad coding practices.

Do you have any suggestion of application based on codeigniter framework for me to be referred? So that it can help me to write better coding by referring to their good and maybe best coding pratices.

Thank you!

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You'll find that most applications that are open source and are built on-top of Codeigniter are mostly CMS's, but there are a few others as well. Here are applications both open source and paid built on-top of Codeigniter.

Content Management Systems (CMS's)

  1. Halogy CMS - very active development / open source.
  2. Pyrocms - very active development / open source.
  3. ExciteCMS - development activity goes in cycles. Currently active / open source.
  4. Fuel CMS - very active development / open source.
  5. Ionize CMS - not sure of development state / open source.
  6. ACMS Content Management System - not free, costs $18 USD at the time of writing this.

Invoicing applications

  1. Bamboo Invoice - not active. Hasn't been an update in a while.
  2. Pancake Payments - costs $30 USD, a client invoicing and management application. Codebase is based heavily off of Pyrocms as Phil was one of the developers on this project.

Forum Software

  1. Dove Forums - new version in development, looks like it might be open source and paid. I have linked to an older version on Github from about 5 months ago. The official site is here.

Must have Codeigniter libraries

  1. Modular Extensions HMVC - add HMVC capability to your Codeigniter applications.
  2. Ion Auth - one of the best and up to date auth libraries for Codeigniter.
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A good place to start would be projects that are listed at CodeIgniter.com - http://codeigniter.com/projects/ Look for an open source one in the list and check out the code.

Another good place to look would be in the tutorials - http://codeigniter.com/wiki/Category:Help::Tutorials

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For coding practices you may refer to the codeigniter coding standards. This way you'll have a good grasp on how to do things. For documentation, refer do phpdoc reference. It's cool and simply works. For code itself, buy a good book (or get the ebook) about design patterns and the DRY practices. (DRY mean Don't Repeat Yourself). If you contain your code in one spot, most likely it will be simple to maintain and reuse on other projects.

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Rather than looking for an entire application built on CodeIgniter, maybe check out some of the smaller "extensions" that are built on top of it. Many of most popular ones use pretty good coding practices, and you can learn a lot about how CodeIgniter works.

Check out some of the HMVC extensions for the framework, as well as some of the Authentication libraries like "Tank Auth".

As far as full applications go, Phil Sturgeon and Dan Horrigon have both written some larger applications on CodeIgniter. PyroCMS was written by Phil, and Dan Horrigon wrote Pancake.

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The CodeIgniter Wiki is definitely the place to start.

This was my favorite tutorial : CodeIgniter and Doctrine from scratch Day 1 – Install and Setup

Also, check out PyroCMS - A CMS for CodeIgniter. I have never used it myself so let me know if it helps.

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I would say pyrocms is the best option,simple and well documented.It has different built in modules and plugins and can also get paid one. I am working on it since last year and its getting more and more popular check it out. https://www.pyrocms.com/

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let's take a look on a new CMS idea based on codeigniter, Egypt CMS is a good application practice based on 4 years of continuous development and enhancements


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