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I am looking for standards regarding open source code release. Most of the time, one may find a copyright statement and a few lines about the project at the beginning of each file, but I am having a hard time finding general guidelines and good practices, beyond the peculiarities of each project or license type.

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There are related questions which provide answers for specific cases but no general answer to this particular question (imho):


  • What kind of information do you expect to find at the beginning of each file of a project ? What is useful and/or required to mention ?

Authorship and copyright

  • What are the good practices for mentioning authorship ? Is Copyright (year) Name1, Name2, etc. a good option or should the names of the coders and the copyright information be displayed separately ?


  • Should the license or parts of it appear in each file or (for example) just in the README file ?


  • Is a disclaimer such as 'We cannot be held liable if your damage your machine while using this software' required each time ?

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In many cases, the license chosen will mandate some or all of this. –  Steven Burnap Aug 2 '13 at 19:16
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Unless you're using a open source project with a specific per-file requirement, there isn't anything that you should put in each file, top, bottom, or between.

License information belongs in a clear, specific, SEPARATE location. For source code, a "licence.txt" file at the root of the project tree is appropriate. License location on complied code varies by application type and distribution method.

The only time I'd include a licence reference on a file of program code is when it's a one-file project or distribution meant to be re-used without alteration in someone else's code, like a (minified) JavaScript file meant to be loaded on a web page, or a .cs or .vb file meant to be added in and complied with someone else's compiled code.

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