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We have 10 distributed teams in our company and we are developing 3 huge web applications. A lot of time of our developers is spent with writing emails.

We are using scrum and for that we had a daily stand-up meeting, but other questions regarding product features, design issues are always communicated via email?

Is there a method or techniques available to reduce the time which is used to communicate!

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a forum or wiki to which you can refer, this will also publish the issues for others to react to it – ratchet freak Aug 21 '13 at 13:00
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Is there a method or techniques available to reduce the time which is used to communicate!

Actually, our project have 3 distributed teams 2 located in oversea countries. The teams are using Agile scrum methodology. The method of communication that our company currently uses, might be called : team lead communications through video calls (Lync and Skype).

Because of the time differences, (9 and 7 hours) from US Eastern time, there is no way to have daily stand-up meeting for entire team (22 devs). However, it is managed by 3 team leads, through their communication in Skype.

Basically, each team works on their dedicated new development modules, bug fixes, data patches , etc. However, overall design, responsibilities and progress is daily discussed on high level between key developers.

Note: Above does not mean to abandon email communications, rather just to reduce them asap. As a solution, live video communications reduce the amount of emails and misunderstandings, and eliminates need to sent each specific problem to all Dev teams.

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When it comes to discussing features / bugs screenshots are basically essential (for our web projects). You can have a look at Usersnap - it's a tool which makes testing and bugreporting easier by attaching screenshots to bug tracker tickets. – Gregor Aug 21 '13 at 13:14
@Gregor - yes you are right, we are also using Lync. It provides a lot of features, including the screen sharing. – Yusubov Aug 21 '13 at 13:16

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