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Why apps like Trumph's suite are so poorly designed and (without seeing the actual source, I can only guess) badly written?

This question came this afternoon after a crash while doing a simulation in Trumph's Punch software, my boss told me "they're the leader in this sort of technology, so if something goes wrong it's likely on purpose"... I tried to explain, as a dev, the fact that even leading companies can release ugly software (in terms of efficiency and design) with, as an example, the fact that even big companies like twitter/facebook/google/microsoft/sony... are often in trouble with security holes, couldn't make him understand this.

TL;DR: why such high-cost software aren't well designed and are not as efficient as they could be?

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Because software used in factories is often bundled with the hardware it runs on, and the hardware is the real selling point. They're a hardware company in their eyes, not a software one, so why would they spend the money on software? –  Ampt Sep 6 '13 at 18:00
I agree with the fact they're a hardware company but they're selling a punching machine bundled with their proprietary software (like all these companies), and their customers should expect at least a well designed UX to increase productivity (there's really only 3 shortcuts and no customization of the UI (it's so ugly and inefficient). In the end, maybe the problem is from the customers who are accustomed to bad UX and don't request any changes. I'm jealous of Adobe/autodesk/... end-users. –  karasube Sep 6 '13 at 18:29
Yes, but Adobe and Autodesk are in the business of making software that is their goal. They don't make robotic arms or cars or anything else. Just software. So they see the value of the software because that's what puts money on the table. –  Ampt Sep 6 '13 at 19:01

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I can't speak to the specific package you mention. But often such software is created by people who are experts in a particular domain, not experts in crafting commercial software. The original developers may not have even been professional coders. In addition, sometimes it was not originally created to be a product, but the creators soon realized they could sell it to others. So its core may not be as 'robust' because it wasn't originally designed to be used at a wide variety of sites.

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