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I am working on a big project containing (among others) two web applications: one is implemented with Spring MVC and the other is meant to be implemented using Web Experience Factory (portlets).
One big problem whith using Web Experience Factory is its poor community.
The main motive to use portlets in the second application is the already existing user management system inside IBM Websphere Portal (like any other portal).
A next step will be to integrate the first application (Spring MVC) into the Websphere portal.

So I have a bunch of questions here:
1) Is the integration of a web application (Spring MVC) into Websphere portal obvious ? And what kind of problems should I be ready to encounter ?

2) Is it really a good reason to use a portal only to get advantage of its user management (authentication/authorization) system, knowing that both of the apps to be integrated are implemented by the very same team ?

I really appreciate any hints especially if they came with solid arguments.

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