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This question is purely from academic point of view. As part of the software engineering lab, a design document is to be created after generating the SRS. Is there any standard for creating the design document. Since we followed IEEE standard for creating the SRS.

What all things can be included in the design document from the academic point of view? I am thinking of including different UML diagrams.

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An overview of the standards can be found here. IEEE-Standard from 2009 can be found here.

What I teach is:

  • Consider who's the target audience, depending on who's going do use the document the contents will most likely need adaption. In any case the required level of details changes.
  • Apart from describing the current design, the DD should include decisions (i.e., arguments!) that led you there. Decisions should usually derive from requirements.
  • What should be included is:
    • A high-level architecture overview
    • A description of the components shown in the overview, including dependencies, input/output/processing behavior, and how this is reflected in the implementation (e.g., how structure is mapped to packages)
    • A description of the data model and the formats used
    • Information about how to build the product may be of interest to some stakeholders
  • Whether or not to include UML diagrams depends on what kinds of diagrams and for what purpose. Including UML class diagrams for everything is rarely useful. Providing sequence diagrams to show component interaction can help.
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