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I have learned C++ to an intermediate point and now I'd like to create something beyond a console program. I would like to create a simple program that grabs info from specific text files and displays it in a GUI. Just simple statistics.

Nothing complex like a spreadsheet or anything.

I also know batch, and could use that for the none gui things, as I can put script together in much quicker speeds than writing C++. I don't have any issue having the batch scripts running in the background while the GUI opens, or is running.

I have QT but learning it seems to be intimidating. What I'd like to do are simple things, like grabbign info from external files, but that seems to be difficult in Qt. I understand events signals and slots, but the Qt library is overwhelming and it seems like I need to learn everything I learned to create a C console app, all over again. And I don't want to do that.

I also have Visual Studio 2012. Should I use that instead?

What are my options here to create a simple GUI program with C++? I'm sick of just creating console apps.


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No matter what GUI library you choose, there is going to be a learning curve.

Also, you should consider your target platform. If it's just windows, then you might want to stick with windows native stuff in Visual Studio 2012. If you plan writing on multiple platorms then learn Qt, or gtk.

I can't stress enough that there will be a learning curve. GUI programming brings new complications and problems to the table.

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I am reading up on C#. Would C# be easier for GUI creation? –  Jason Oct 9 '13 at 4:29
You will still have a learning curve. Any way you look at it, you will have to learn a new library to perform the GUI work. No way around that. I would stick with the language you know, and just learn a GUI library –  Joe McCay Oct 9 '13 at 4:33
Thank you for your time. –  Jason Oct 11 '13 at 6:13

Based on your comment reply, if you are now reading up on C# to extend your prior learning of C++ but frown upon re-learning the basics.

Using a library like Joe points out to you is quite essential in programming and there is really no way around it. Learning multiple programming languages is similar to this, it just comes with learning the syntax.

With Visual Studio 2012 and knowledge of C++, jumping to C# is not big leap. From my own experience I could say that C# is easier for beginner to build GUI app. The difference to your prior understanding of console apps is that you will be working with events. If your application is simple as you state and has some buttons which run some scripts and/or manipulate some files, in C# its just dozen mouseclicks to create a project and have basic Form with a button with Click event... from there it is just learning "how to" by googling "C# file read write" or "C# run shell command" etc... and relying on StackOverflow for answers ;)

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Thanks for this. I guess I'll have to dig in and learn Qt as it seems the most portable and the best longterm solution. –  Jason Oct 11 '13 at 6:02

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