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Okay guys, I'm super confused. I thought node.js was a sever side framwork, basically the js version of Ruby's Rails or PHP's Zend. However, I'm having some difficulty with turbolinks, and it seems to be the way to fix it is through installing node.js

I mean, I don't understand this at all. How can two frameworks work together like this? Also, it's not a gem (that REALLY would have confused me), you have to install node.js it onto your local machine by running (in the case of Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install nodejs 

Firstly, how does this totally separate framwork have any bearing on rails? Secondly, surely this isn't fixing the problem forever? When you specify a gem in your gemfile, the server knows what external libraries to install. How does the server know to install nodejs?

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some tools are written as node scripts, such as gruntjs. You may want to rewrite your question to make it less like a rant. –  Simon Oct 29 '13 at 12:39
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It doesnt have any bearing on rails.

Ruby on Rails uses Ruby as its platform NodeJs uses Javascript as its platform

they both solve the same problem so use one or the other, well thats not entirely true, NodeJS is just the server side framework, so you would use something like Express on top of that, much like you would use Ruby on Rails on Mongrel in ruby (or whatever the web server bit is these days).

You could technically make a web service using NodeJS and a front end web app using RoR but most people prefer to keep the same framework and languages on both sides for code re-use.

But the main thing to take from my answer is that they have nothing to do with each other. Its like comparing .net and java, they don't inter-operate (most of the time - IKVM).

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