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How can I move a library inside a project's source tree and compiling static binaries?

I want to use a particular tool that utilizes ANCIENT binaries without upgrading it's API usage. This way I can use the old libraries inside the single binary without wrecking the local host environment. I am on nix with netbeans/eclipse/code::blocks.

I don't have a problem reading, just looking for a starting point. Any thoughts?

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You could make a script to compile the lib and modify your project file to use that library's path. for qmake it would be :

DEPENDPATH += . oldlib/
INCLUDEPATH += . oldlib/
LIBS += -Wl,-rpath=oldlib-build-path-L. -L../ -Loldlib-build-path -loldlib

Note that the rpath part is strictly for gcc, could be different on different compilers.

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i primarily use gcc and am looking into using this solution...if it works i'll give the check – RobotHumans Nov 29 '10 at 20:06

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