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I've recently been enjoying using the mathematical problems listed at Project Euler to learn Python. My Excel ability is better than my Python, but I think I'd still benefit from the sort of inductive learning that comes with solving a series of increasingly difficult puzzles using a particular tool.

I know Project Euler can be completed using Excel, but are there any other puzzle series similar to this or The Python Challenge specifically tailored for people trying to increase their knowledge of Excel and what it can do?

I'm not looking for a "tutorial", I know there are plenty of these.

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3D Engine:

How about you attempt to create a 3d Engine in Excel?

I know this is possible DON'T Google the solution.


Treat each cell as a Pixel.

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Actually try to random ideas, not only programming. Look for any inspiration/idea and than ask yourself if you can do it in excel. If your first answer is 'no' thant try few times to do it. Answer with 3D engine is cool. Here is something similar - a music video in excel in ASCII art. Check video comment for actual excel file.

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