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I understand that a software engineers job is to work with all aspects of developing and supporting a software system. How does a project manager fit/work with a software engineer in a small team (5 or less) environment?

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One might just as well ask what is the difference between pig and a chicken. The two roles are completely different, requiring almost no skills in common. – Ross Patterson Jan 15 '14 at 12:47
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Caveat -- job descriptions and the duties attached vary wildly from company to company and even department to department.

A Project Manager:-

  • Manages the project schedule.
  • Manages the project budget and other resources
  • Communicates progress to the business and upper management
  • Allocates resources within the team
  • resolves disputes between team members

A Software Engineer:-

  • obtains and manages a list of business requirements.
  • selects suitable technologies to use for the solution.
  • produces an outline solution (hopefully based on use cases or similar)
  • provides the project manager with time and resource requirements for the above
  • develops a testing strategy
  • tracks and manages defects and fixes
  • constantly cross references the solution, defects etc. back to the business requirements.

Most people with the "Software Engineer" job title do a considerable amount of programming (I know I did), but, programming is not really what it is about.

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