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Sometimes, one creates a exploratory prototype and forgets about structure in the directories...

What are good tips on dividing the programming files over (several levels of) directories?

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If your language is OOP and package based (Eg Java), then you should probably keep each package in its own folder (eg my/package/name) to keep with the convention.

If your language isn't package based (Eg PHP), then organize by what each file does. Here's an example

  • Does this do utility functions? Goes in /util
  • Is this a 3rd party plugin? Goes in /plugin
  • Is this part of the admin panel? Goes in /admin, along with ALL supporting files
  • Is this Javascript? Goes in /javascript
  • Is this CSS? Goes in /css
  • Is this a template? Goes in /templates/templateName
  • etc

Language agnostic, Most people have a /src directory for all source files, a /lib directory for libraries, and a /bin or /dist directory for builds.

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Why not a build directory for builds? – Atsby Apr 1 '15 at 3:33

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