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Sometimes, you can learn a lot from just looking at a project rather than looking around for advice...

What are good state-of-the-art projects out there that are very good examples to learn from?

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I'm interested in the answer to this in terms of a Lisp project. –  Paul Nathan Sep 9 '10 at 22:38
Have looked for that but I didn't finde something outstanding, came across an article about some kind of lisp in emacs (gnu.org/gnu/rms-lisp.html) and very unrelated but funny "Why X is not written in Lisp?" (pps.jussieu.fr/~jch/software/XinC.html) –  Tom Wijsman Sep 12 '10 at 15:47
What do you want to learn? –  Dan Dyer Sep 12 '10 at 21:42
Programming language doesn't mather, I'm wondering about good open-source project with clean code where one could learn a lot from. –  Tom Wijsman Sep 12 '10 at 21:47

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I had actually written a post on a very similar question - how do you read code ?

Most books, articles, etc on programming recommend taking a "good" open source project and "reading the code" as a way to improve your programming foo... Well, that's a good start but how do actually go about doing that is the problem. In this post I detail some pointers and approaches you can take - link.

Some recommendations (I work in .NET so are my recommendations) -

  1. NUNit
  2. Mono.NET
  3. CruiseControl.NET
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The question is a bit too generic, you should check in your field of interest. You can find here a good list of open source projects.

My personal favorite in term of code quality is Google Chrome (Chromium).

If you are a Windows developer and want to digg into the "Windows source code", you can check Wine or ReactOS.

For Java development, I recommend to check the Vuze BitTorrent client.

As a general rule, avoid huge and older projects because they have usually inconsistent code style and quality.

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