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I have a webapp that uses Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore services. But reading the new Google Cloud terms of services I notice this part:

Further, Customer will notify its End Users that any Customer Data provided as part of the Services will be made available to a third party (i.e. Google) as part of Google providing the Services.

and this:

“Customer Data” means content provided, transmitted, or displayed via the Services by Customer or its End Users; but excluding any data provided as part of the Account.

Does that mean Google can access the data stored in the Datastore of my End Users to, for example, improve their advertising system?

Are the terms of Amazon AWS like that too? And what about Windows Azure?

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to my untrained eyes that is about the most explicit "we spy on your data" as you'll likely get –  ratchet freak Feb 7 '14 at 9:32

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