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It's a basic application - nothing majorly fancy (i.e. not a game) I have the option to buy iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s

Just wondering if it matters which iPhone I buy to test out my App or should I just go for the most common? I guess the real question is do people see any bugs based on the phone type (less so the OS type).

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In theory, it really shouldn't matter. iPhones are very homogeneous devices, or they're supposed to be, anyway. –  Robert Harvey Feb 7 at 17:06

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A good metric for anything in programming is "Develop for the lowest hardware first". This is because if it runs fast on the lowest/older hardware then on the newest hardware there will be no problems. The other way around you could get bad reviews from people on older hardware stating that its slow when really its just not optimized well for their hardware.

So i would suggest getting an iPhone that has the weakest hardware(oldest generation) that supports iOS7 but then go one generation above that because we are getting close to the next release of iOS in a couple of months and it will likely be dropped.

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