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I'm looking for a foldable keyboard in order to make using my netbook while programming less painful. Yes, some of us can put up with very small screen sizes and still be productive.

What I want is something that matches the standard 101 key QWERTY layout. I want backspace, insert, home, end, arrows and shifts to be just where you would expect them to be. Ideally, it features both USB and Bluetooth for connectivity. In a wonderful world, if USB only, it would also double as a USB hub or at least give me back the port that it occupies (without using a tandem connector).

I'm not expecting something that is smooth as graphite, just something so my fingers can continue to land where they are used to landing. The tactile responsiveness of a cheap Genius / Lexma keyboard is fine with me for this purpose. I've tried the 'micro' keyboards designed to fit into small places, but each one re-arranges the keys that I mentioned previously, making for a very frustrating experience.

The rubber "roll up" keyboards don't work well for me. I'm looking for something that folds in half to fit nicely in an average sized back pack.

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This really belongs on Super User. –  David Thornley Dec 8 '10 at 14:49
@David - I thought about that. I think, for this question, since I really need to be productive while programming, the question belongs here. I don't think many SU users are as 'sensitive' about keyboards (and the annoyance of certain keys being in a strange place) as people who use this site :) Also, the value of recommendations from my peers, not just computer users in general is much higher for me in this case. –  Tim Post Dec 8 '10 at 15:41
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While it's not foldable, the Apple Wireless Keyboard is a compact but full-sized keyboard with all the features you requested. I use one daily with no issues at all. If moving from a full sized keyboard a few minutes to get used to the slightly condensed size and you're off and away.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

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Thanks! That would actually fit my desired size and layout just fine, with fewer moving parts (i.e. hinge) .. I'll look into it. How is the feedback? –  Tim Post Dec 8 '10 at 14:38
I've not got the bluetooth version, but the full-sized wired version is one of the best keyboards I've typed on, which is surprising given how shallow the keys are. I guess you could visit an Apple Store and try one out? –  Edd Dec 8 '10 at 14:43
@Tim: The feedback is pretty good. It's not as nice as say a mechanical keyboard but it's very nice. The keys are shallow as mentioned by @Edd which makes it very slim. I don't notice any issues with the keys. I recommend it because the hinge (IMO) is a gimmick that doesn't really lend itself to the desired benefit of a small keyboard footprint. –  Josh K Dec 8 '10 at 14:51
@Edd - I'll try, hopefully they have one in stock :) I live in The Philippines, inventory is quite limited to what the local market is inclined to purchase. –  Tim Post Dec 8 '10 at 15:47
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This is the Targus Universal USB Portable/Foldable Keyboard that I used a while back. I borrowed it from a freind for a weekend and it worked well.

alt text

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