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I have a client that has been upset with the fact that it takes more time than he thinks to complete a feature / bug in a web application. He is more of a project manager that has hired me as a sub-contractor.

He has constantly been questioning the estimates I have given him, and is always trying to get me to agree to do things in a less amount of time than I have estimated. I have made it clear to him that I will not always bill for the full estimate if it does not in fact take me that long to complete.

He also told me that if there is code on google (w3schools), that I should use that and not write it myself. I have been doing business with this person for 12 months.

Just to clarify what I mean by "Google", I mean that he would always prefer I copy / paste code that I have found from Google rather than writing code myself.

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If he pays you, do it as he wants. But ask him to chose the libraries since you cannot determine which projects work as intended and are well documented and maintained and which projects are just a bunch of bugs. And to provide that information to you in writting. –  SJuan76 Jul 6 '14 at 16:31
Run. When I started my career I spent a year as a contractor for a guy like that, who questioned every estimate and always wanted to pay what it "should have" taken me. I ended up walking away and never fully recovered what I was owed. –  Steven Burnap Jul 6 '14 at 16:48

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Since the actual code he wants is not available on google... in a form that he can just incorporate it himself... someone needs to do that.

So presumably he is saying that when you are creating ui code and elements you should use the form and techniques and style from google.

I think you can probably come to agreement on:

  • Google is an excellent source for code that you will use whenever possible.
  • Google code is a great standard for writing ui code.
  • Changes always have to be in the context of the app, its users, maintainters, etc.
  • The audience for Google may be different from yours in terms of both users and devices.
  • Any particular libraries that must be used to will be listed.
  • Any particular standards for code writing style will be listed.
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