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My boss just let me choose what I want to do: program core that will be used by other programmers, or program applied systems that will use that core. What are pros and cons of both? What career opportunity will each one give me? What is interesting in each one?

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'Applied' programming usually means that you'll have to deal with customers (instead of users), and that you'll probably have to deal with more pressure.

Another difference arises if your 'applied' programming job does not involve publishing an API. You will then have more freedom to refactor the code, change it in various ways, than if you have to maintain the compatibility between versions. 'Core' programming, on this aspect, will mean you have to design much more carefully.

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programming a core is more fun and will put u more in contact with your colleges, although programming applications is a lot less theoretically

what are you more interested in ? the programming challenge ( defining good structures, caching errors ect) converting the costumers will to software

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Both can be fun; in the first case, you have more contact with programmers; in the second case, you have more contact with users. It depends on your preferences which one you like better. –  user281377 Dec 10 '10 at 9:45
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