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Currently, I am a Ruby/Rails developers. Before I was .NET developer and got MCTS in Windows Client Development. But of the time I don't touch any HTML or CSS and I don't have any experience in doing layout at all. And I feel boring doing those tasks, but for sure every web apps has to have them. To be a professional do I need to learn them again?

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HTML is just fundamental if the work you do touches the web in any way, shape, or form. I would argue that its a fundamental skill for anyone in any development field, kind of the way being able to boot up and log into windows is fundamental for an office worker. Its not necessarily relevant for your day to day work, but I wouldn't hire anyone (especially not a rails developer) who couldn't work on HTML (e.g. views).

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-1 as html != xhtml –  Michael Durrant Jun 10 '12 at 14:39

Replace XHTML with HTML5 and I would say yes. I'm a long time .Net developer myself, and part of the benefit in the early days was that you could push a lot of the complicated work to the server and not worry about all of the JavaScript compatibility issues.

But now the paradigm is changing. While not perfect, things are getting a lot more unified with HTML5, jQuery and a few other languages help you not have to worry about JavaScript compatibility issues, and CSS makes the presentation a lot cleaner to work with. Even though HTML5 hasn't been finalized, it is already being used widely, and would be a safe bet to work with in the future.

Besides, as a programmer, you always want to be learning something new, yes? 8^D

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I'd say yes, learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you can also take a course in Graphic and/or Ux design - even if you have a vague appreciation of the basics it'll be a massive help.

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