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Why more or less monitors is worse than your configuration?

Why is important use it in this way (position)?

Productivity is obvious, but what specific advantage?

A picture would be nice.


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1 monitor (15.6", 1024x800, notebook), 3 virtual desktop (Compiz-Fusion):

  • e-mail, web browser (for reading articles, blogs, and searching for work-related docs), music player, IM chat windows,
  • text editor, test browser window (only for web developement), terminal window,
  • SQL browser, deploy copy, monitoring windows (e.g. memory watch), open documentations (which needs to be open long term, e.g. specifications, design docs), other long-term tasks.

Sometimes I use my desktop monitor for displaying docs.


3 x 22" Dell Ultrasharp.

Two of them connected to Ubuntu desktop machine (on which I actually run my development env). One of them connected to Windows laptop (which I use for mostly for communicating with the rest of the company and web browsing).

So it's: 1. consoles 2. IDE 3. Outlook/Web Browser


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