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I really couldn't understand what Jeff was trying to tell us by that term in the blog. I see a photo of a man who is scared too much but nothing belongs to that term as I read till now in blog. If I try to understand it purely, so it just means coding is something which is too hard or even a scary thing. But still can't understand rightly what he tried to mention for us.

The things which appear in my mind is that Coding is something to be scared or or Coding is thing which makes people like a monster.

What really does "Coding Horror" mean ?

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Please feel free to edit to improve question and fix mistakes. I am not enough good in english. –  Freshblood Dec 19 '10 at 22:23
I'm not sure if there's a proper description, but I understand "Coding Horror" when I see it. I begin weeping and withdraw from society. Particularly bad examples make me lash out. I couldn't speak for hours and drank heavily to forget on the worst occasion. –  the Tin Man Dec 20 '10 at 2:54
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On Jeff's blog, he explains what "Coding Horror" means:

What is the meaning of 'Coding Horror'?

It's an image from the Steve McConnell book Code Complete used to illustrate dangerous code samples.

Code Complete is my all-time favorite programming book, and this particular icon from the book left a lasting impression on me. I think every practicing software developer has stared down more than a few Coding Horrors of their own creation at one point or another. I asked, and Steve was kind enough to let me to use the image and the name for my blog.

I share Jeff's sentiment about the Code Complete book. I suggest that you read it if you really want to get a good feel for what a coding horror is.


Jeff has another blog post where he goes into much more detail about his usage of the "Coding Horror" term. It's worth reading too, but these paragraphs are especially revealing:

One of the most striking and memorable things about Code Complete, even to this day, is that Coding Horror illustration in the sidebar. Every time I saw it on the page, I would chuckle. Not because of other people's code, mind you. Because of my own code. That was the revelation. You're an amateur developer until you realize that everything you write sucks.


I chose that title for my blog -- with explicit permission from Steve -- because it's a clever in-joke about becoming a humble professional programmer. That's what I try to do here. I write to learn and explore topics that deal with computers and programming, and because I'm easily bored, the topics I find most interesting tend to apply to a wide audience of programmers. Maybe even people who don't know they're programmers yet. To steal a phrase from the talented Rich Skrenta, I blog to help others and also to learn. As it turns out both are aided by getting folks to actually read the stuff.

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Ahhh i see that i missed this part... thanks –  Freshblood Dec 19 '10 at 22:30
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