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I am in the initial stage of analyzing a platform for my startup and I am exploring both the cloud computing and web hosting before I initiate developement. I am quite proficient in both .NET and the java platform and hence I am hoping to get your feedback for helping me with some ideas/directions. Here are is the feature set that I am looking for

  • Robust platform (must have)
  • Persistence a.l.a {Big table/Cassandra style or RDBMS} ( must have)
  • Message queueing frameworks like ActiveMQ (Must have)
  • Full text search and advance features - Lucene and Solr (Must have)
  • Memcached (Must have)
  • Background/Offline services (Must have)
  • Hosted SSL (Must have)
  • Ability to support RESTful webservices (Must have)
  • Support for fast prototyping and deployment (Must have)
  • Storage on file system (Nice to have)
  • Easy administration, support for scaling, monitoring and profiling (Must have)
  • Transparent billing and accounting (Must have)

I have looked at Google App engine and although it looks quite appealing, I don't think it supports full text search (what an irony) or messaging which would be dealbreakers for me.

I have also looked at hosting solutions ( e.g. www.justhost.com) and they too don't offer messaging and support for indexing/full text search etc. So I am wondering what are my options.

Do I need to buy own server farm and talk to my ISP? If so, are there any ISPs that you can recommend?

Please advise on how I can go about selecting an appropriate platform



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I think you'll have to use something like AWS (Amazon). They have a range of servers for files and queues. Anything they don't have you can setup yourself unlike GAE you get control of the servers. –  Keyo Dec 21 '10 at 3:13
Thank you Keyo. I need to look into it now. –  user11098 Dec 21 '10 at 23:23

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I've used Azure in the past and found it pretty acceptable. It meets most of the points you're after (including memcached). The only problem we had was the very long deployment time (~20 mins).

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20 mins is pretty standard even on Amazon. –  Geek Dec 21 '10 at 8:17

We've had good experience with Rackspace so far. Everything is virtual and in our control. We can add servers as we need them.

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