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In looking at various professional societies the AITP lead me indirectly to the ICCP Certified Computer Programmer certification (and others from the ICCP).

I had never heard of this program, but both the AITP and, more significantly to me, ACM have members on the ICCP board.

Is anyone familiar with this certification? The webpage isn't confidence inspiring to be honest, but looking at it the program seems aimed at those in the Fortune 1000 internal software world.

Anyone ICCP certified in some way? Does it make a positive different for a career in software development?

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Its 100% useless .Its just a crap Certification from a crap organisation .I think it does'nt help you in any career .There are plenty of certifications available in this field ,So do a proper research before you take any certifications . There are some recognised organisations you can find more details about them in internet eg. ZEND for PHP –  Jijo John Jul 4 '13 at 7:57

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I've never heard of it and I have been in programming for almost 20 years, nor have I ever seen it mentioned on a resume or a job posting. In fact, I haven't even heard anything from/about AITP since I left college either.

I'm thinking it doesn't have much value if people haven't heard of it.

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Ran into it quite a few years ago, and got a CDP (Certificate in Data Processing). Aside from getting me to study a few related subjects a bit, it has had absolutely no effect on my life in any way whatsoever.

In fact, I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it.

So, no, no career value.

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