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This is a question mainly for Symbian developers.

I would like to create some demo apps to put on my mobile phone and have some kind of nice icon on the application grid. If I've understood correctly, the application grid icon needs to be in SVG Tiny format. The problem is I don't have any toolset to create such a format. There don't seem to be any free tools to edit or convert to SVG Tiny format.

The cheapest option around seems to be e-Picture Pro for $169. Inkscape has had some initiative to make it SVGT-compliant, but not much seems to be happening there lately.

So the question in short is how do you create your icons for your Symbian apps (or other uses that require SVG Tiny)?

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According to this discussion there is a converter called svg2svgt within the S60 3rd SDK for Symbian C++. There is also link to installation howto. With this you should be able to create your icons in Inkscape and convert them to SVGT.

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Thanks! I can't believe I've missed that utility. –  teukkam Sep 12 '10 at 15:26
I wasn't blind after all. The minimal SDK that comes with Nokia Qt SDK doesn't contain svg2svgt. Now downloading the 621 megabyte SDK to get one small utility... –  teukkam Sep 12 '10 at 16:48
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New easy way:

  1. Use Inkscape to create your icons in SVG format.

  2. Use Nokia's SVG Converter to convert to SVG-T. You can convert a batch as well.

Old hard way:

Here are some tips for converting SVGs from the free Inkscape:

  1. Use Inkscape to create your icons in SVG format.

  2. Open the SVG in a text editor and add an attribute viewBox="0 0 48 48" to the svg element. Once added, Inkscape retains it.

  3. Open the SVG in Inkscape.

  4. Save as "Plain SVG".

  5. Give it a try in the emulator. If any parts don't show up, you will need to change gradient strokes to gradient fills or flat colours. (You may need to Object -> Ungroup.)

  6. Right click -> Fill and Stroke, monkey about with the settings, save and try it out in emulator.

  7. I think it also doesn't like "ellipse" shapes, so try and replace those with "path" shapes. When ready, File -> Vacuum Defs, will remove some unused guff to reduce the size by around 55%.

It makes sense to use svg2svgt as well. I've not used it (yet, because it's not in the SDK I have), and the above tips work quite well.

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