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I need a really talented, hardworking programmer who knows Cocoa and Objective C for my Iphone App. I'm looking for a partner and not just a programmer. It's a pretty big project that takes a talented programmer. What would you say is the best marketplace for someone like this. I've checked out digitalpoint and sitepoint but they are really for smaller projects.

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"Im looking for a partner and not just a programmer."

My alarm bells just went off.

Is this a paying gig? Or a "there'll be no money now, but on your deathbed you'll receive total enlightenment" kind of gig?

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That was my thought as well. –  Dean Harding Dec 30 '10 at 13:26
How about "You'll receive half the profits if there ever are any, and my share of the work is already done?" "Sign this NDA that says I get half the profits of anything you do resembling something I haven't described to you yet, and then we'll talk?" "I've got a great idea that's sure to make millions, except that nobody's willing to lend me the money I need to pay you?" This is definitely a business smell. Not all code smells mean bad things, but it's something to be careful of. –  David Thornley Dec 30 '10 at 18:09
Craigslist computer gigs section is full of next Zuckerbergs. I do not want to be a dick, but it takes a lot of resources, work and luck to succeed. –  Job Jan 9 '11 at 5:08
+1 What never ceases to amaze me about an offer of "I have a great idea, you do all the work and we'll share the profits" -- besides the "you do all the work" part of it -- is the thinking that your great idea is so much better than the 50 great ideas I have that I'd willingly give up part of the profit. Trust me, if I had the time or wherewithal to work on projects that might never pay, I'd have plenty to do. –  Matthew Frederick Jan 9 '11 at 6:55

How about approaching this backwards- there are quite a few small/one-man type application developers on the iWhatever platform. Why not take a look at the people who developed some apps that you like and see whether any of them do freelance work? Even if they don't they may be able to recommend someone who does and I would always take a recommendation within a community over a random response on a site like freelancers.net or wherever.

You might also do a simple google search for Freelance Cocoa developers in your area- proximity can be a big asset if you're looking to go into a partnership and there are good programmers to be found in most places.

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You don't find partners the same way you find programmers. A partner is somebody who is part of the business, somebody you trust and can work with. A freelance programmer in a marketplace is somebody who will do some work for you for a mutually satisfactory payment. So, you're looking in the wrong place. If you don't know a suitable programmer, ask around. You want personal connections here.

I really hope you're not somebody with an idea who wants somebody else to implement it and do most of the work in exchange for a share of the profits. Ideas don't make money, implementations of ideas do, and if you really had a reliable business plan you could raise the money to pay a developer and keep all the profits.

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www.vworker.com is an excellent site for freelance programmers. I've done several projects there, and have found it pretty satisfying. However, some people believe their rules are biased in favor of the buyers. I think perhaps such rules are necessary to ensure good quality work and timely delivery.

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To find a partner of this type you need to develop a relationship with someone such that they are absolutely convinced that you know how to create and run a successful and profitable software project far better than they can. Or you bring something else extremely valuable to the table, such as willing investors with mucho cash, or a killer patent portfolio. It helps to either have a proven track record and recommendations from colleagues in common, or the ability to produce a Steve Jobs class reality distortion field. Enjoy.

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