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I'm a Java developer and in need of a CMS. I've spent a lot of time reading about, and tinkering with Liferay but am concerned that it doesn't cover two of my three major concerns

  • I need to have many sites with individual domains
  • HTML/CSS designers need to be able to design the website templates, look and feel, and layouts in their own tools without having to worry about writing scripts
  • Site and page building APIs must be understandable so that a custom builder interface can be created and harness the CMS as opposed to hacking it

Liferay nails the first bullet point, but the second two appear to be unsolved. Does anyone have experience with a Java CMS that does all three? Or have any idea how to approach the problem if none exists? Has someone has used a Java CMS and has been able to add this functionality give some insight?

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We are also evaluating CMS options, and we indeed decided to use Liferay, and I understand that the 3 concerns that you pointed, all of then are addressed by Liferay...

Take a look at this page. It's for a previous version, but I'm sure that it's applicable for 6.

Liferay has a powerfull theme engine. Of course, as others CMS solutions (that I know, like, drupal, joomla, wp, etc) it will require some work to convert "dreamweaver" layout to a cms layout. Take a look at this page.

And finally, CMS is written in Java, so you can modify/extend it as you usually do with other java solutions. To me, it's api is very understandable and has documentation (here). If you don't like the way a portlet works (web content for example) modify it to your needs.

Of course that it will require a java programmer. It's something that a designer will not be able to do.

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