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I'm a software engineer looking to try something different in my career and get into search indexes, information Retrieval or Natural Language Processing applications and systems. Where can I learn more about this stuff under a degree or certificate program?

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Well, if you already have a degree, you are probably looking for something along the lines of Master of Science in Information Technology.

For example: the University of Michigan has a MSI specialization of Information Analysis and Retrieval (IAR) within that degree.

Hopefully that is enough to help you get the ball rolling

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I think in most places, this would be a full M.S. in Computer Science. As far as places that have online classes, I know that my university, Illinois Institute of Technology has a great setup for taking classes online and remotely by television, but for the online program you have to come in to campus to take exams, and all of the remote TV sites are in the Chicago area. (So you basically have to live in or near Chicago to be in the program.)

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a bit Off topics but, are you checked Data Mining ?

For a corporate viewpoint, i think than Information Retrieval is too technical and most of the work done is about safety and to adopt some specific technologies instead to build-in-house some new protocol or new paradigm of connectivity.

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If you are looking for a class/degree, I have no idea. But for IR/NLP, I think you can take a look at the nltk package(http://www.nltk.org/) which is written in python. I've used that to help with my data mining project in my study.

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