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This is not kinda Tech question, But can anyone tell me what are good ways to Promote app other than Market.

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Create a crop circle-style data matrix, like this guy did, but with a link to your application.

Image copyright: Bernhard Hopfeng-Ärtner

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Hilarious and... big! –  user8685 May 5 '11 at 10:21

I think Android is a lot about social marketing in communites. If you have a new app, show them the users in some forums/boards/communities in different countries (Like viral marketing) Promoting them only in the Market isn't a good way with 200 000 apps and a lot of crap apps. Your app won't be really noticed unless you already have a lot of downloads.

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This can really only be done when you already have apps, but:


Inside your apps, have a place (even on the menu screen) that says something like "Love this app? Try these other apps that we're sure you'll be into." I've seen a few apps, especially games use this technique. Zynga does this with Farmville and its collection of games and does very well (it works on me :-/)

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Most effective way for my company was using AdMob. That generated most of the installs. Probably due to their good targeting.

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