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I'm a software engineer and would like to focus more on security related stuff (cryptography, mobile security, identity management, ...). As I would like to do a M.S. in Computer Science anyway I'm looking for a program where I can combine both.

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Have you tried Google searching "online computer science masters cryptography security"? – Pemdas Jan 15 '11 at 16:38

Yes, in fact there is. DePaul University, a major university based in Chicago, has online graduate classes. They provide two degrees I've identified related to security:

I actively attend the university for a MS in Software Engineering so I'm not suggesting them without knowing anything about them. There online program is impressive. The classes are linked to a local section and you do the same work and view the same lecture as the on-premise class. And most important, the degree is the same as the in-class version. It's not labeled 'On-line' (according to what I was told).

Regarding your computer science concerns, DePaul CDM also offers a MS in Computer Science online ->

While these may not proactively combine both areas of study, the online study portion is much better than things like the University of Phoenix.

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I am currently applying to the Master's program at a couple of different schools for Master of Science in Information Assurance which is along similar lines. The two universities I am applying to which have online programs are Missouri University of Science and Technology ( and University of Maryland University College ( Both have received the CAE from the Feds for their programs and are accredited as well.

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Why does the course have to be online? Your user profile doesn't say where you live, but if you live in the DC area, there are many in-person, part-time / evening courses. My friend teaches a CISSP course one evening a week, and his students always do very well on the exam.

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I'm in the same boat (except I'm a network engineer, not a software engineer, although I have a BS in CS). I live in Maryland near DC and I'm looking at online and partly-online programs. I'm still in the early phases of collecting info but so far I've been looking at these places:

  • As mentioned, UMUC has an MS in IT with several different concentrations, as well as a newer one in Cybersecurity, which seems to be more policy oriented.
  • James Madison U. has an Infosec MS which looks fairly technical.
  • Capitol College in Laurel, MD (right outside Ft Meade, where the NSA is located) has an online MS in IA. (along with CS and Internet Engineering)

Here is NSA's list of Centers of Academic Excellence: Not all of these are online but it's a good first place to look.

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