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(I ask here because gamedev.stackexchange.net isn't as exposed to programmers as this site)

Code Kata are good programming exercises ( see Code Kata ). I think the provided exercices are good for general problem solving.

Now I'm mostly interested into all that is specific to game developpement and similar typical constraints. I mean not the low level stuff (like manipulating texture bits, that's too specific) but more like buffered event systems implementation or similar systems used in typical games. Maybe basic fast collision.

Is there a list of game-dev-oriented code kata somewhere?

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+1 Really interesting question. While I don't know of anything like that, I would rly appreciate if something like this existed. –  Oliver Weiler Jan 24 '11 at 22:16

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I don't know that there is one- the field is not as narrow as you might think- you mention event systems and fast collisions, I would also think about things like a-star implementation being pretty standard, but fairly quickly you start getting into things that people think of as specialist- 3d or openGL stuff for example has lots of interesting challenges you could create but not everyone wants or needs to know about them.

For an interesting challenge that gets more to the heart of game development I would recommend writing games. Stuff like the Java4K competition where you endeavour to pack as much game as possible into 4k of Java ( I'm sure there are similar things on other platforms if you hunt around ) combine some interesting programming challenges with the satisfaction of creating a complete game while still being small enough that you've got a good chance of getting something finished.

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