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When working on development projects (like an iPhone app for a client), how detailed should your reports be when providing an invoice? In other words, how specific should you be regarding the particular development tasks you were working on at a given time?

Just as helpful would be a short example of what one of your invoices looks like, with sample times and tasks that you would typically include.

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I think a lot of this depends on how you sold the scope of the project to them before. If you are truly on an hourly basis all I would do is give them a "general overview" of what you were working on accomplishing for the day and leave it at that, anything more and you might get too technical, or could back yourself into a corner.

For example, below would be something that I might put out to a customer.

9/1/2010 - Initial project setup, architecture, and source control configuration - 4 hours
9/2/2010 - User Interface definition and prototype creation - 5 hours
9/3/2010 - Database work - 4 hours

I personally try to not get too far into the weeds as I find it confuses more than anything. Then they can ask you for more detail if they really want it.

However, I should note that in general, I simply would do a weekly invoice of "Worked 34 hours on __ project" unless they wanted the extra detail. (Now I have a bit more freedom typically with the way I work, but they don't typically need to know the start/end times and other things.

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After billing for the high-level overview (worked X hours on project Y during time period Z), if requested to itemize every detail, would you bill for the time spent preparing that detail? –  ErikE Aug 20 '14 at 16:27

I would keep the invoice detail as general as possible.

Generalize into daily or weekly activities as indicated by Mitchel

The one thing I would add is that if you client want to be more involved in project details, consider using a tool such as Trello, Jira or Pivotal Tracker. These let you work with your client on the project details themselves.

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