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I have only a very basic idea about linux system programming. I have not done any real projects using linux system programming. In my current company i do system admin type work. but i am more interested in Linux System Programming. I want to do some projects on my own, so that i could put those projects in my resume when i apply for joining another companies. Kindly tell me the whether there is any projects where i could learn more linux system programming by doing some real programming stuff.

Please Note that i only have experience in C programming and not in Linux System Programming. But i know very basic things in linux system programming.



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In your system admin type work, does some task you do either puzzle you (How does that work?) or irritate you (Shouldn't that work better/faster?)?

Find several of those tasks, identify the very basic feature that you don't understand, or that irritates or puzzles you. Try to implement the puzzling, irritating or slow feature in C.

You will get a more thorough education if you have something practical motivating you, and you will have a stopping point. When you've implemented your very basic feature in C, you can stop, evaluate what you've done, then pick another task that still puzzles you, or irritates you. In light of what you've learned, several tasks will now seem different than they did.


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