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My boss has offered me a 25% share, in exchange on more input from my side, of a website ( a crawling engine in php and a front end using ajax ) I developed for him. What are the things I should consider in writing the contract so that my share is future proof?

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As programmers, we are not very good at legal things. Here are the things you should consider in writing the contract:

  • Don't write the contract. Your lawyer should do it. Or he will contribute to the contract your boss's lawyer will write.

  • Clearly define your work in the contract so your boss can't extract the value from the association you just created.

  • Define what more input means with required limit in amount or work and time. You must ensure that you agree with the amount of work you will provide for the 25%.

  • Clearly define in the contract what happens in case of any of you wants to end collaboration.

You may be interested in my answer on the question Are we about to be shafted by a corporate shark that address the problem of partnership on answers.onstartups.com.

Other answers may provide you with valuable complementary information.

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