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when I develop a RCP application I always ask myself should I do it 'by hand' or should I use the XML configuration? Is it only a matter of taste, what benefits am I missing when I don't use the configuration approach. Is there anything to think of when converting an RCP app to e4 in the future?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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Even though sometimes it's easier and/or faster to solve a problem programmatically, I always try to find a way to do something using the xml configuration approach.

As blueberryfields said, the less code you have to write and maintain, the better.

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'Try to find a way...' is pretty much the reason why I asked this question in the first place. Sometimes it's very hard to do so and you are tempted to write it on your own. –  th_reiche Feb 2 '11 at 19:33

I would go for the configuration approach - the less code I have to write and maintain, the better.

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As someone that dealt with the trainwreck known as Eclipse RCP for a while - go with the XML configuration. If not you're just going to have to go back and hand edit changes later.

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