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I've been working as a freelancer for about two years in vWorker. Any person can visit a coder's profile, and see in how many projects the coder has worked on, (if the coders allows) see how much the coder obtained in each project, ratings, feedbacks, etc.

Would be good to include a freelancer account in your Resume / CV when applying for a job?
Is it something you would do if you have finished several projects there?

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If your profile doesn't show lots of good feedback, a reasonable workload, and a pay that is in line with what you're going to ask for, leave it out.

Beyond that, just follow standard guidelines for writing a resume - make sure that you highlight the parts that are most relevant to the work you're applying to, and spent less space on the parts that are not relevant/likely to distract. Provide as much detail about the work that you've performed on vWorker as is relevant, don't just include just the reference to vWorker when describing the work you've done there. Use the reference as proof that the work was done, and was quality work.

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I think you can. But you can only mention it in your extra curricular activities I guess.

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