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I read a hypothesis somewhere, suggesting that maybe the parts of our brain which are exercised when hacking are the same ones which are required for handling basic social interaction, and politics. Do you find this to be true for you - is it harder for you to interact with others when having hacked all day, and vice versa?

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I find it irritating when I am interrupted while focusing (or trying to focus) on some task which really involves my brain cells, but I don't think it's specific to programming. Sure, it happens mostly during work hours because that's when I tend to be most involved in challenging problems. But it's the same with reading, gaming, etc.

However, after work I am usually quite happy to do something else, like be with my family or friends (except that I may be tired by that time).

So for me I don't think it is true (although my wife might be of different opinion :-)

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I agree - after a day of working in front of a computer I need some social interaction. –  AndrewKS Feb 1 '11 at 18:12

Pretty much. After a really hard day of coding, the LAST thing I want to see is another person. If I don't do any coding, people are fine. Could just be general energy level though. I've done (and still on occasion do) everything from manual labor to programming. I can do hard labor all day and still not be as tired as programming all day. However, programming doesn't leave me sore the next morning. :-)

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Yes. I do because after day of hacking also my mind is caught up with the same problem I left and work my nights to solve it ;)

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I would also have to agree. At the very least I feel distracted after a day of hacking. It's almost like a trance. Usually I need a few hours to get back to normal. I do find that playing a video game right after is refreshing for some reason.

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If I'm left still struggling with a problem that has been bugging me, then I tend to be distracted by it and thus feeling less sociable. But in general, my brain is worn out after a long day of problem solving and I want to talk to people about unrelated topics to get out of the programming mindset.

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On the flip side, I find that if I'm in meetings most of the day and then I have to do some coding, it's just hard to focus on the code.

It might also be the reason why many small interruptions might make the day just a total waste for productivity.

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