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Possible Duplicate:
Is Python worth learning? Is it a useful tool?

Recently I have seen some videos from MIT on computer programming topics. I found it's really worth watching. Especially the concepts of algorithms and fundamental stuffs. The programs were written and explained in Python. I never had looked into this language before as I learned and doing stuffs with C/C++ programming. But the cleanliness and better readability of syntax attracted me. Of course as a C++ programmer for long time it's the most readable language for me. Also I heard Python library contains solid algorithms and data-structures implementations. Can you share your experience in this language?

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As a long-time user of C++, I have immensely enjoyed using Python. – Fred Nurk Feb 1 '11 at 9:32
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I like Python. To me, it has a sparse syntax, but it is very powerful. I think one of the "pythonic" idioms is there should only be one best way to accomplish a task.

I learned C++ and Java (ASM & PHP) in school, but Python is the most fun. It actually makes me enjoy programming more than any other language I have tried. But take that with a grain of salt, because I am a beginner.

I too watched the MIT classes, and also Google's Python classes. If you are really interested, Project Euler and Python Challenge can really get you learning the language.

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To begin with, there is a very practical reason Why MIT switched from Scheme to Python

However the great point about Python is that it combines few approaches:

  • functional (to some extent)
  • object-oriented
  • procedural
  • meta programming (to some extent)

Therefore you can learn a lot of staff while staying on the same ground.

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For rapid prototyping(and sometimes just for fun) it is really convenient to learn a powerful scripting language. Python, Perl, Lua, Javascript are good and useful languages.

The arguments for python are(my favourite one is python) mainly clean syntax, huge library for everything:

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I did a small project in Python. Its a simpler language and we can learn it easily comparing others. But comparing with java it is not so heavy with all stuffed libraries as much as there in java. So there is a further enhancement of Python with implementation of all the Java libraries called as Jython. Its worth trying out.

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Cannot really think of anything Java supports that Python doesn't. The only problem with Python is the diffuse support for Web programming i.e. lots of Web frameworks none of which has really taken off. However all are better than the JSP/Struts mess that is standard Java. – James Anderson Nov 18 '11 at 9:13
@JamesAnderson: I thought Django was among the most popular web frameworks out there, unless really taken off means a different thing to you. – Tshepang Nov 18 '11 at 13:24