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Is the IKM test more difficult when compared to Sun certifications?

Can you share your experience taking the test for Java/J2EE?

What types of questions are asked?

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Fair Warning: This is a completely personal statement.

I had a look at both a while back and passed some IKM tests while looking for jobs when they were requested by recruiters or potential employers, and I had a look at the Sun/Oracle Java Certifications as well.

In my opinion, the IKM tests are not as well constructed, and I find them a tad nit-picky.

They will tend to ask things that really do not matter. They're overall representative of a certain degree of knowledge, I assume, but they have (had?) the bad habit of asking fairly precise questions about things I wouldn't expect someone I hire to remember (exact package names, exact exceptions to catch, etc...).

The type of questions are pretty much multiple-choices answers with penalities for bad answers. Questions are on different things depending on the test you target.

That being said, they were overall not that hard to pass and I always fared very well according to the agencies, even though I had doubts about my results because of this type of question.

I'd say don't worry about it. If you're good at what you do, why should you care about what the tests contains? You're prepared anyways.

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