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In IT world, new latest technologies are generated daily. Every time, every programmer need to learn something & then clear it conceptually to implement.

All new technologies are built on some basic concepts. But, these technologies have their own area of development & a developer is supposed to grasp it from very basic. This seems like starting from very beginning to reach till current.

What is the best & fast way to learn and grasp a new developed technology ?

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They Say "Practice makes a Man Perfect". If you have strong Foundations "Basic Concepts" (As you mentioned) you just need to start using new releases. Every 2nd year MS releases new OS but it takes 2 months (even less) to understand how what works. –  Ranger Feb 4 '11 at 11:29

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  1. Ignore personally irrelevant stuff. I'm using Linux Desktop, my job is to write C++/PHP server-side programs and AJAX interfaces, so I dont take care about new MS operating system, or a fantastic feature in the latest version of dot-NET. I don't feel bad about I've never seen Win7, do I really want? No. I have enough things to learn in my area, and if I want to suck with Microsoft, there's a very nice oppurtunity: make your app to run on MSIE.

  2. Ignore technically irrelevant stuff. Listen to the red lamp inside your brain, which flashes when you read a "bullshit", or "inventing the wheel" article. There are lot. Sometimes they're nice tiny improvements, which have fallen in the mistake of too small to name it. IT is the area where marketing is irritating: if you dig into details, you can compare the slogans vs the reality yourself. So, don't afraid to be ultra skeptic, and to find out yourself the importance of stuff.

  3. Ignore irrelevant parts. I don't like "Apple Church", but I don't say that Macs or iPhones are crap. They're not perfect, but have several values in design, implementation and also marketing. The overloaded marketing buzz can be frightening, but don't eat that. Check the real values of even overhyped stuffs. Maybe there isn't any, check yourself.

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"developer is supposed to grasp it from very basic. This seems like starting from very beginning to reach till current"


I'm sorry that it makes you work, but... you have to work at it.


There is no Royal Road to software.

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+1 for mentioning "Royal Road", which does not exist. –  ern0 Feb 4 '11 at 20:00

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