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As I am from India, here most of the people think that if somebody has more than 5 Years of experience, he/she should not continue with it. Should go for an MBA degree and apply for the managerial job.

What do you say?

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Do you need an MBA to be considered for the job? –  Larry Coleman Feb 6 '11 at 13:27
Fight the urge to conform just because society, culture and tradition tells you to. Remain a programmer if you want to. Become an MBA if you want to. But not because "other people" tell you to. Life is too short to waste in conforming to others' expectations. Btw, I'm from India too and am aware of the societal pressures here to move "up" to management. –  talonx Feb 6 '11 at 17:12

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US-based programmer with an MBA here. Every built-in techie bias about MBA's? I had 'em. In spades. And then, one day, I decided to get one.

Why did I get it? Several reasons:

  • I'd been a part of a couple of startups that had failed, despite brilliant tech, and I wanted to understand why.
  • I was interested in businesses as a whole, and not just technology.
  • I wanted to broaden my career options - too many experiences where IT was viewed as a backwater and a cost center, and I wanted to defend against that.
  • I had lousy experiences with a number of MBA-types, and felt I could do a better job than they did.
  • I felt the combination of my experience + MBA would be killer.

I did it part time, at night, while working a full-time job. I was in my early 30s when I started, a few years older than most of my classmates. It was a tremendous experience. I Focused on startups and management, trying to better understand where things had gone wrong in previous ventures, and all the challenges that you don't see as a programmer when trying to grow a business.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Opened up a whole new world for me, changed my outlook on many things, and introduced me to a whole group of fantastic people that I'm proud to call my friends.

The only challenge has been trying to find a gig that melds the two sides of my background - MBA's who are looking to still get their hands dirty are few and far between, and a lot of orgs don't know what to do with them.

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So everyone only has 1-5 years of programming experience and only the ones not capable of moving into management have over 5yrs?

Personally, I see them as divergent but parallel career paths. If my best programmer (or sales person) wanted to go into management, I would discourage them. Modern businesses need to provide a career track that incentivises good developers to keep coding.

Software development job paths should not mimick other professions. We are not involved in manual labor tasks more suited to younger/stronger individuals where the goal is to get out. This is why top professional athletes make more money than their coaches.

I don't consideer a lead programmer as a management position.

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Instead of going by what other people think, has the thought crossed your mind that its your life and career in that order and you should do what you want to and what interests you?

If you are more into technical stuff, love programming in all its shades and nuances then you should not opt for MBA.

If you do want to get into managerial role, opt for MBA from a recognized institute like IIM-Ahmedabad or XLRI. And choose the specializations which make more relevance to your domain of work.

AND ONE FINAL NOTE: Please don't do it all just for the sake of money. Take your aptitude into consideration.

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See - Staying techie or going the MBA way?

OR Is it still worth it to get an MBA these days?

OR MBA vs Programming

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providing links can be useful but adding your expeience and insight to what's behind those links is much more valuable. Please expand on why the OP should consider those links. –  Walter Feb 6 '11 at 14:25
@walter - Those links are similar to the question above.But I accept hereafter adding my own experience.Thanking you. –  ahmed Feb 7 '11 at 10:40

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