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There is a lot of evidence that things like offices, multiple screens, administration rights of your own computer, and being allowed whatever software you want is great for productivity while developing. However, the studies I've seen tend toward companies that sell software. Therefore, keeping the programmers productive is paramount to the company's profitability.

However, at companies that produce software simply to support their primary function, programming is merely a support role. Do the same rules apply at a company that only uses the software they produce to support their business, and a lot of a programmer's work is maintainence?

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food, clothing, shelter...? –  Steven A. Lowe Feb 8 '11 at 2:00
I work at a company that produces "software" but I don't consider them a software company, more of a sales outfit that aggressively pushes crapware with a little effort (from the owner / manager, I mean) put into planning software development... I am quitting very soon though, anyways I guess the point of my rambling is that even "software" companies can be pretty bad to work for, at leas if they're small –  programmx10 Feb 8 '11 at 19:24

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Programmers are still programmers. Just because the primary product of the company isn't software doesn't mean that a programmer doesn't need the same amenities.

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I have worked in the IT department of large companies developing software for in-house use; I have worked in companies developing software for the market; and I have worked in agencies doing web development for clients.

And I would not say there was any difference whatsoever between those different companies in terms of the importance of productivity boosting things.

Keeping programmers productive is vital regardless of what sort of development those programmers are doing. And I would say that keeping programmers happy and keeping them working for you is even more important when they are maintenance programmers in the IT department of a non-software company.

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I've worked as the only software developer on a floor of non-software people, and I think independence is even more important in that case. When you don't have dozens of people using the same tools, you have to make a lot more decisions—what language you will use, what compiler, what servers, etc. Lone developers need more freedom to install, evaluate, and administer software that's taken for granted in a group setting.

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I.T is part of the Support group in non Software Companies..Software Programmers developed applications that will help the company for much better productivity,faster transactions,technical support etch... Some Non software companies(Manufacturing/Industrial etch) offers trainings and other things to their programmers but many are not, so they used to outsource Programmers in Other companies.

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