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Basically, I want to know how people bag side projects related to Web Development online to make the extra buck. I'm looking for websites or portals that allow web developers to pick up new interesting projects that they can do in their free time.


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One site I suggest to anybody looking for freelance work is Craigslist in the Gigs section (under computers). In my area, there are always tons of people looking to hire a part time web designer/web developer. Although the majority of the work seems to be with PHP/MySQL (or a PHP CMS, Joomla/Drupal) there is still plenty. (Your area may differ though)


Generally work like that comes through word of mouth. However, there are some websites that try to connect the developers to people who have small needs and are looking to pay for work. comes to mind.

Wow. Either the programmers there are fast, or they work cheaply, or both. – John Feb 8 '11 at 18:18