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I'm a self-tought programmer living in a small town. Except for the occasional meetups at the other end of the country, I rarely talk face-to-face with other programmers.

I'm well aware of the merits of pair programming, feedback, discussion with other programmers and all...

What do you do to get in contact with other local programmers?

p.s. If you live near Loenen (gld), Netherlands, I'd like to have contact ;)

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The internet is probably the best place to be honest, most programmers who want to spend spare time programming are usually there. [I'm sure this was asked recently, but can't find the question.] –  Orbling Feb 9 '11 at 20:12
I feel your pain. At least you have the Internet. Should've tried it when the best you could get was BBS chat on a long-distance number. codereview.stackexchange.com can be one resource. Hang in there! –  qes Feb 9 '11 at 22:11

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While your mileage may vary, here are a few things I've done to find local programmers:

  1. Meetup may have some technical groups near you or maybe by starting one you may find some fellow programmers. There can be some cost to running such a group though so do be aware that it may not be totally free. Other sites like Kijiji or Craigslist may be an option to explore though this can be quite hit and miss I'd believe.

  2. Local user groups would be my second suggestion. Maybe there is some big city nearby that has a .Net User Group or Linux User Group that may be another way to find some fellow technical people. This can get a bit more broad though it does depend a bit on what kind of programmers you want to find.

  3. Nearby university and colleges may have clubs where you could find some programmers to take @Tim and @guiman's suggestion though it isn't either of my first choices.

  4. Vendor sponsored events. There have been some times where Microsoft will have an event in my city and this would be another way to find programmers.

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I think that Universities are great places to get in touch face-to-face with programmers, in my experience, I met a lot of people while studing so i think that the best place. But apart from that, i dont think there are plenty opportunities to meet rather than the ones i said plus Conventions or Meetings.

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Check with the teachers or professors at any nearby schools or colleges. If they have computer classes or courses then that's the best source I can suggest for meeting fellow programmers.

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If you can't find anyone to talk with face to face you might try the "Code Review" stack exchange on AREA51.

Area51-Code Review

Here is the description of the site:

Beta Q&A site for feedback on projects you're working on, by sharing your code with fellow programmers and getting extensive feedback/review of best practices, design pattern usage, application UI, security, etc.

I believe that the site has a lot of promise.

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