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When a .net project use newer technologies like ASP.net MVC or Silverlight, is VB.NET being used? Or it is used just in the legacy projects? What is the situation now?

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I've been rocking VB in my asp.net-mvc-3 app using Razor, and it's working amazingly well. –  Chase Florell Jul 11 '11 at 17:49

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You bet. We use both VB and C# depending on the team that assembles per project and what the client prefers. For some reason, we see more VB in the marketing and sales type projects and more C# in finance. Weird.

I honestly don't prefer one over the other and think it's a real advantage to know both.

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+1 for knowing both –  Bill Feb 16 '11 at 16:00
Are you using Asp.net mvc or Silverlight? –  Gulshan Feb 17 '11 at 7:42
@Gulshan - MVC. We've worked on a couple Silverlight prototypes for clients getting their feet wet, but no one's committed to something big. –  Scant Roger Feb 17 '11 at 20:58

I use it in web and middleware development on a daily basis. I also use C# nearly as much on new projects these days. There are very few major differences between the languages so it generally comes down to a matter of team preference. In earlier versions of the framework however there were advantages to using VB for the non-explicit conversions for web since everything in web is represented as a string natively but now with var, better generics and dynamic that is largely irrelevant.

As an aside, Classic ASP was VB, so in older shops you tend to find a lot more people that are comfortable with the VB syntax.

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I have not encountered any development shops in my local area that are currently employing VB with MVC, but as MVC is still relatively new, it doesn't appear that it has even fully caught on in that development arena. I still know of quite a few VB shops locally, but they deal primarily with legacy applications. There are rumblings of migrating some of them to MVC, and I think that when they do it they will continue to stick with VB.

Since MVC is compatible with both, it really boils down to the same question of "VB vs C#", and I think people are going to continue to go with what they're comfortable with even if all of the examples and tutorials are in C#.

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