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What are the canonical responsibilities of such a specialized role?

Normally, I expected this to be part of the tasks of a normal developer, but in large companies I know this role is to be fulfilled by an engineer in his own. In my current company, there is a possibility for a new opening in a SCM position, so I could apply, but first I would like to hear about what, in your experience, characterizes this role best.


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It will depend a lot on the company, but may include

  • the server hosting the code
  • the build scripts (e.g., makefiles or SConscripts)
  • the continuous integration server
  • versioning
  • installation of third party libraries and frameworks
  • running code quality analyses (e.g., coverage and lint-style reports)
  • keeping documentation up to date (as in nagging the developers to make sure it gets written)
I've worked as part of a team that did these duties, and this answer is pretty much bang-on-target. –  Paul Nathan Feb 19 '11 at 18:23

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